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AIESEC International Congress 2012

AIESEC International Congress is the biggest and the most anticipated event in the organization's life, taking place annually and uniting the representatives of local and national AIESEC entities in 110 countries at one place and time to set goals for the next period, celebrate the success and share the experience.

There are 10 days of discovery, collaboration and inspiration, that take one year and 72 bright young people from all over the world to organize and drags the attention of the whole AIESEC community to this event. If anyone is willing to live through one of the core values of AIESEC - Living Diversity, this is the place to be and see. That is why hundreds of people apply for organization committee team and thousands hoping to be a delegate.

International Congress has recently been held in Kenya, India, Malaysia, Brazil, Poland and now Russia is a proud host of the IC2012.

IBLF is the expert partner of the event.


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