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CEO of Youth Business International visits Russia 27.10.2018

CEO of Youth Business International visits Russia

As a result of successful participation of YBR team at a global conference on youth entrepreneurship, organised by Youth Business International (YBI), in Mexico City, Andrew Devenport, CEO of YBI, visited Russia on October 25-27. The purpose of his visit was to discuss YBR strategy and to engage new partners to the programme. Andrew and Boris Tkachenko, Head of the IBLF Branch Office in Russia and YBR Programme Manager had meetings with existing and potential partners, RF Ministry of Economic Development. A meeting with Yury Segal, a mentor from Voronezh, was one of the most interesting. As Andrew Devenport said: “The highlight for me was the visit by Voronezh mentor Yury to the office. He is a wonderful man and was so interesting to talk to. He spoke so highly of the young entrepreneurs and the Voronezh team and with such dedication to his role as a mentor. This to me is what the YBI Network is about!”

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