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Second Forum for Directors on Russian Boards 30.09.2018

Second Forum for Directors on Russian Boards

On 30 September the International Business Leaders Forum (IBLF), the Independent Directors Association, MICEX and PricewaterhouseCoopers held the second forum for directors on Russian boards.

As the economy emerges from recession, shareholders of Russian companies are expecting their boards to accelerate growth and profitability and restore their attractiveness for the investment community. However, many challenges remain. Even with the renewed interest in IPOs in Russia, the international investment community has not recovered its pre-crisis appetite for risk, and is demanding better corporate governance and transparency from company management. Companies unable to reconcile their growth strategies with the requirements for more professional and transparent management are unlikely to be able to maximise share price.

The 2nd Forum for Directors on Russian Boards focused on how boards can be run as efficient models of cooperation and team work: how can the relationship between the board and management be structured to achieve increased shareholder value? During the forum, we brought together some of the most experienced leaders working in Russian business today to share their experience of working together to create boards which are truly able to influence strategy and deliver the expected results.

With updates in recent legislative developments and a session on effective management of the audit committee as a critical component in contributing to the success of the board in achieving its goals, the forum was a do-not-miss event for Directors wishing to make a significant contribution to the companies on whose boards they sit.

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