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Youth Business Russia program is one of the most efficient and fast-developing

YBR regional coordinators with 2010 Entrepreneur of the Year Fathuma Nisreen (Sri Lanka)

Youth Business Russia (YBR) team took part in a global conference on youth entrepreneurship, organised by Youth Business International (YBI), in Mexico City.

YBR team presented Russian mentoring program to Forum participants. YBR experience in resourse-raising was acknowledged by YBI as one of the most successful, and YBR program – as one of the most efficient and fast-developing among pilot programs.

On 23rd September YBR team took part in YBI Entrepreneur of the Year awards ceremony. Fathuma Nisreen from Sri Lanka was named as YBI’s 2010 Entrepreneur of the Year. Fathuma, whose company Ramsi Fashion sells bags and outfits for Muslim women, was selected by the panel of judges because of the huge potential that she has to act as a role model for other Muslims in her community and inspire other women around the world.

“Youth Business Russia is glad to contribute to the success of the conference and we hope that Russian programme will develop further”, said Boris Tkachenko, Youth Business Russia Programme Manager, and Head of the IBLF Branch Office in Russia.


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