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Youth Business Russia- Programme Participants’ Club in the Voronezh Region Gets a Start 08.07.2018

Youth Business Russia- Programme Participants’ Club in the Voronezh Region Gets a Start

The first session of the YBR Programme Participants’ Club in the Voronezh Region (YBR in VR) took place on July 8. The event was held at the Voronezh Regional Resource Center - a party to the regional Agreement on promoting youth entrepreneurship.
The desire to get all the Programme’s participants together was in no way not accidental. The community of the Youth Business Russia Programme in the Voronezh Region – young entrepreneurs and their mentors –successful businessmen among them – has been expanding to include new types of businesses and the Programme’s geographical outreach in the region has grown as well.

The first session of the YBR in VR Club was designed to get the participants to know each other. Young entrepreneurs, mentors, the Programme Manager and the Coordinator of the YBR in VR as well as Selection Panels members took part in the event.

The first session featured brief presentations by all the participants. They shared information about their businesses which elicited great interest and many follow-up questions; the attendees shared their opinions and participated in the discussion. The participants exchanged their business contact information, some of them found new business partners and agreed on future cooperation, while others picked out would-be mentors and mentees.

After the introductions, the Club’s participants discussed plans to enhance the Programme to make it more interesting and useful for everyone. They examined the need for a web-site with an active forum for ongoing interaction and experience sharing among young entrepreneurs and their mentors.

In addition, the meeting agreed on the need to inform every member about all YBR participants – types of business and location of youth enterprises, current and potential mentors as well as the need to grow interregional cooperation, specifically, that with YBR participants in the Kaluga Region.

All participants to the first joint session were highly satisfied with the informative and promising contacts and decided to meet regularly at the Club’s events in future.

The next session of the YBR in VR Participants’ Club is scheduled for September 2010.

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