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Financial literacy for young people to boost the Russian economy

Photo: young people listening to a presentation on online financial education during IBLF’s financial literacy conference

In the Russian Government’s “Year of Youth”, IBLF’s second national conference addressed head-on the issue of how the financial capabilities of young people are critical for the future of the Russian economy.

Andrey Markov, Russia Human Development sector coordinator of the World Bank said: “Financial Literacy is very much a public-private partnership. A critical role in creating and facilitating such partnerships should be played by leading organisations such as IBLF”.

“The extent to which the new generation can take responsibility for their own financial capabilities and fully participate in and benefit from financial services will in part determine the future competitiveness of Russian business on international markets. Our hope is that IBLF can make a significant contribution to this process,” said Natasha Smirnova, Manager of IBLF’s financial literacy programme.

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Azbuka Finansov (ABC of Finance)

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